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Doctors Are Saying Eat More Fat to Get Healthy

Fat has always been seen as a thing to avoid in our diets, especially saturated fat. With the advent of the USDA diet guidelines, starting with the McGovern Report in the 1970s, fat was condemned and the low-fat diet advice was promoted through the healthcare system. This belief has been around mainly since the 1970’s with the evidence presented from scientist Ancel Keys research study called the Seven Countries Study. Ancel made such a change in US government policy and the food pyramid that he was featured on the cover of Time magazine. However, you can see how Time magazine has changed over the years with the 2014 edition promoting the health of eating more butter.

High fat diet recipes like the Bulletproof Executive Coffee invented by Dave AspreyHigh Fat Low Carb Diet: Doctor Recommended

The medical world looks to be in another state of change with its view on what is good for the heart and general health when it comes to what we should be eating in our diets.

In fact listening to the functional medicine doctors at The Detox Summit of 2014 there was one medical doctor who recommended Bulletproof® Coffee which means putting butter in your coffee instead of milk.

Talk about going from one extreme to another. Going from a low fat diet guideline at government level to doctors telling us to eat more butter. With lobbyist all over Capital hill it will be interesting to see the changes if any to the top level decision making regarding dietary intake levels of fat.

Sweden in 2013, at a government level, has adopted the high fat low carb diet after reviewing all the latest scientific studies relating to reduction in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease when someone changes over to this new way of eating.